Todd Burge

West Virginia's Singer-Songwriter



Todd Burge performing "As Old As I Can Be" at Music City Roots Live From The Factory on 11.09.2016
From Todd Burge Live on Mountain Stage found here (hundreds of Burge songs!) Cover #2 Way Over Yonder in a Minor Key (Words by Woody Guthrie music by Billy Bragg) #BurgeCovers52in18

Todd Burge with Tim O'Brien 

Todd records again with Tim O'Brien with Don Dixon Producing. Just finished a fine recording project with Tim O'Brien, Michael Lipton, Ammed Soloman, Ted Harrison. Don Dixon (producer/engineer for REM, Marshall Crenshaw and songwriter for Joe Cocker..etc.. more on Don Below) was behind the knobs. Recorded live on Nov 11 2016 By Todd Burge (c)2015 Bunj Jam BMI Kenny Malone on percussion

Todd Burge Live at Kennedy Center, Mountain Stage and more

Live on NPR's Mountain Stage

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