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Two New Albums - Recorded 32 Years Apart

If it’s been discovered by man, West Virginian Todd Burge has written about it. Born to ponder and observe life, each of his songs tells a story. Whether drawn from personal experience or a tale of poetically woven fiction, you’ll live every second of it through his songs.

Now, Todd Burge is releasing two original albums – one from 2018 and one for 1986 – as double CD package. Todd Burge (1986 The First Album) is his never-released debut record, and the second, Your Reflection Will Kill You, is his latest work recorded by Don Dixon (James McMurtry, REM). They are a pair of now-and-then sonic bookends, both opposite and yet intertwined as a collection of stories that brought Burge to where he is today.

Describing it as a victim of record industry red tape, Burge says that “the 1986 album was probably the second or third time I was ever in a studio. It’s a rock and roll record with bits of punk. I’m not surprised at how it sounds when I listen to it now, because I know I was filled with angst back then. Maybe that’s what I needed it to be when I was recording that music. Now I listen to it as if someone else created it, and it really helped me decide which songs would go on the new record.

A few years and a few experiences later, Your Reflection Will Kill You, shows that, like good whiskey, Burge is refined with time. On the making of the new record, Burge tells us, “I wanted to be as comfortable as possible, so I asked Don Dixon (James McMurtry, REM) to come to my home. Don is a master at capturing a live recording session and making everyone feel comfortable. He has a great set of ears and great taste. You can trust his opinion, and that is important as, after a while, when I record, I don’t trust my own.

“The only rule I brought to the table was that we would not use anything but our acoustic instruments. Steel string guitar for me, nylon for Ryan (Kennedy), upright acoustic for John (Inghram). See, I have this emotional attachment to that sound that dates back to when I was five or six years old, back when I was still taking naps, I think. I would ask my mother to play Roger Miller’s greatest hits. You know Roger Miller’s “King of the Road”? Miller played a nylon string guitar. It’s a sound you don’t hear often in country music, but Roger Miller was not typical. I’ve been a huge fan of Willie Nelson’s since I was in grade school as well. Another nylon string guitar player. That guitar sound is just embedded in me. It moves me more than most sounds do.”

“With wit and pathos in equal measure, Todd Burge takes on subjects in his songs that never occur to most folks. Subjects too quirky, too controversial, too obtuse for most writers to get a handle on. His compelling vocal style and unique perspective keep me interested long after the last note rings out.”-Engineer- Don Dixon

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“It's fantastic! Songs are great (as always)...musicians are amazing....the production is superb!”
Greg Marsh

”I actually listened to both of those new albums today on Spotify. The new album is probably one of your best IMHO, but 1986 is so good.  "My Wasted Youth" is amazing. I listened to that track alone 3 times in a row. Shane King - Williamstown WV



"Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Larry Groce – Host of NPR’s Mountain Stage

“Literate, witty, off-kilter & always highly entertaining...a real revelation. We definitely want him to come again."
Pete Marshall, Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, VA / WTJU Charlottesville

"He's got a great talent as a writer and unique view of the world; he's invented his own art form. His songs just get better and better.”Tim O’Brien (Singer-Songwriter, Grammy winner)

“I'm convinced - Ingenious Todd Burge successfully blends more wit and wisdom per song than anyone else I've enjoyed in years.” Ron Goad - Vice Pres – Songwriter’s Association of Washington DC

"His by-turns smart, serious and funny tunes and his confident stage presence are a master class in the art of the solo singer-songwriter craft." Douglas Imbrogno - The Charleston Gazzette

"Man I have really been digging your Building Characters CD. Sometimes I literally laugh out loud at the some of the lines and stories. Great stuff Todd.  The Jesus Night Light song cracks me up, but the whole CD is really original. My thanks and compliments to you." Jason Ringenberg/Jason & The Scorchers/Farmer Jason

“With wit and pathos in equal measure, Todd Burge takes on subjects in his songs that never occur to most folks.  Subjects too quirky, too controversial, too obtuse for most writers to get a handle on.  His compelling vocal style and unique perspective keep me interested long after the last note rings out.”
Don Dixon – Producer (R.E.M. Joan Baez) Performer, Songwriter

notable Past Live Performances

Mountain Stage (NPR)
The Kennedy Center

Chautauqua Theatre (Chautauqua NY)
Nelsonville Music Festival
Music City Roots
The Country Music Hall of Fame

Rolling Hills Radio
Club Passim
The Station Inn
Café Lena
Ashland Coffee and Tea
Peoples Bank Theatre
Jammin’ Java
The Hamilton
Club Café
The Kent Stage
123 Pleasant Street
hundreds more......

Todd Burge has shared the stage with:

Bill Kirchen (Duo Tour)
Mollie O’Brien & Rich Moore (Trio Tour)
Jimmy Clinton
Larry Groce
Don Dixon
The Carpenter Ants
Bob Thompson
Hot Tuna
Tim O’Brien
Bela Fleck
Lucinda Williams
Tift Merritt
Iron and Wine
John Gorka
Lucy Kaplansky
Ricky Skaggs
Greg Brown
Chris Smither
Justin Townes Earle
Connie Smith
Chris Hillman & Herb Petersen
Pere Ubu
Kathy Mattea

Todd Burge Discography (Solo) Listen

Your Reflection Will Kill You (Nov 2018) with Todd Burge (1986 - The First Album) 
Adam of Eve b/w Bald Eagle (Soar Away With Me) Digital Single (2018)
Live on Mountain Stage (April 2016)
Live in Orlando (Download with video 2016)
Imitation Life (2015)
Building Characters (2012)
Character Building (2012)
Distraction Packed (2010)
My Lost and Found (2008)
Most Requested 1989-2000 (2007)
Hip About Time (2006)
New Year (2003)
Dreams Upstairs (2000)
Live at Raveler’s (1997)
Tin Since (1994)
New World Out of Order (1992)
Live at Maxwell’s (1991)
Never Say Uncle (1990) 

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