Todd Burge

West Virginia's Singer-Songwriter



Todd Burge will write Your Gift Song!*
"Wow! I have never had my money so well spent! The song you wrote for my daughter could not have been better.
I think I know how gold miners feel when they hit a
vein.  Thank you!"
John Arthur Hughes (Gift Song - Sugar Run, see video below)

I cannot believe you did this. It melted my heart. It couldn't be more perfect. You should charge $10,000 for these. No kid would suffer from food allergies ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!  Name withheld so we don't spoil the surprise

“I just listened to the audio file and I love it! Chocked full of fun stuff and little references!
The song is a big hit with the Mehles! Everyone loved it!”
Katie Mehle (Gift Song - Her Man Made In Japan, see video below)

"... an amazing experience. My husband was so thrilled with the song I bought him that he literally cried!" Name withheld to protect the husband. :) 

Todd Burge has written many "Gift Songs" over the last few years for birthdays, anniversaries, loved ones, kids, parents, spouses and even some tributes to people who have passed on.  Some are wild/weird and others are straight forward.  Who do you know that might enjoy a "Gift Song? Consider giving a "Gift Song" to your friend or loved one. .  If you act right now I might be able to fit yours in before your "deadline" .  This could be the perfect gift for anyone who is difficult to shop for. TB

What You Will Receive
Your completed song will be posted on Youtube and I'll send you a DVD (video), CD and lyric sheet. I would like to support one of my favorite charities as well. F.A.R.E. aka The Food Allergy Network as our 8 Year old Sophia has severe food allergies, and they have helped us with that.

CONTACT TODD NOW or call 304-481-2766

*Todd will write songs that strike his "muse" in the right way. In other words, some ideas might not make it to a song, but if not, you will not be charged.  Email now for pricing. 

Some samples of some "Gift Songs".

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